What’s new on my Lenten Journey from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday? Posted Saturday, March 3

Dedicatin of icon to John and Terry Wu

My Icon of Our Lady of Tenderness

     One of the most revered Byzantine icons sent from the emperor in Constantinople to the Russian prince at the city of Vladimir.  Popularly called by Slavic peoples “Vladimirskaya” 

      I painted this icon in 2013 and Our Lady of Tenderness (as she is called in theWestern Church) has presided over all our meals since then.  

      But this Lent (2018) I am giving it to my dear triends John and Terry Wu who have blessed us with their emotional and financial support over the many years. It is my Easter gift for them. We love them dearly.

     I first met John when he was a sophomore and I a freshmen at Seton Hall University in New Jersey in 1961.  

     Terry and John came to our wedding in Washington DC on December 16, 1967.  

     What a joy to have them and their three children — Merton, Raissa, and Paul -- as our dear friends.

IMG 4732

     My icon of the Theotokos (in Greek), Bogoroditsa (in Russian) and Mother of God (in English).  It is an ancient Byzantine portrayal of Mary as a tender and loving mother who holds Jesus close to her face and heart. And of course, as she is our mother — and Jesus our brother — she extends her tender touch and kiss to each of us.  She is the Mother of God, and the Mother of You and Me.

     Here is a good Wikipedia link that gives the history, spirituality, and aesthetics of Marian icons: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theotokos

     In Greek this icon of the ever-virgin Mary’s tender love is described in another fine Wikipedia article https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eleusa_icon 

Please share your reflections on this psalm with me.  Thanks! —  Bob Wilhelm

My Health Update

This week I begin week five of my six week treatment of an aggressive brain cancer (Glioblastoma)  Chemo, radiation are daily. Please keep me in your prayers.  

My thanks and blessings for your kindness. • Bob, Thursday, March 3

Please share your reflections on this posting with me.  Thanks! — Bob Wilhelm. 

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Please share your reflections on this contemporary psalm from Leonard Cohen.  Thanks! — Bob Wilhelm

Please share your reflections on my first icon with me.  Thanks! — Bob Wilhelm

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