Tales for Reading, But Not for Telling

These are some of my favorite written tales.  They are short literary stories that are for reading rather than telling.  

Why?  Because spoken and written stories have a differemt structure.  I tell spoken stories by visualizing the images in my mind’s eye and then finding the words to express them. Each telling is always filled with embellishments and improvisations.

Written (literary) stories need to be memorized in order to tell because they are composed in the mind’s ear and immediately embodied on the written page. They are fixed, and need to be respected as a permanent text. 

I do not memorize, and most of my tales are spoken.  But now and then I enjoy writing a story.  I provide the “voice” to a tale I tell. But s wrtten story is best read silently, with the reader providing his or her voice. Reading is listening to yourself as you interpret the writer’s text.

The stories:

© Robert Bela Wilhelm 2017