Mentorships in Storytelling

Over the years, I have taught storytelling skills in both short-term and long-term settings.  I enjoy both, but find the long-term learning far more effective. From 1994 to 2015, I facilitated an Apprenticeship program for that reason.

Now, I am establishing a Mentorship program so that I can continue guiding storytellers in a new long-term setting.  Here is how it works:

Short-term learning continues in two formats: (1) a residential six-day master class limited to seven storytellers; and (2) an online one-to-one tutorial series of 10 sessions. 

The mentorship adds a second residential master class, and doubles the sessions of online series to 20.  In both cases, there is no increase in tuition for the extra seminar or online sessions.  

Why?  Because I want to encourage my students to deepen and sharpen their skills and their knowledge with my mentoring.

Once you are accepted as a Mentee, you effectively reduce your tuition by 50%.  And I gain the satisfaction of knowing that my work with you will have a more profound impact on your work and your life… more than just a single seminar would.

Here are the requirements:

1. A brief interview (in person or video online) so that we can see if both of us would like to establish a mentor-mentee relationship.

2. Your enrolling for a Master Class, an online Tutorial, or a combination of the two. (Your option to combine the two may be made later in the process.)

3.  Completion of the process with graduation. (At the annual retreat of the Guild of Storytellers, if you can attend.)  You will receive a diploma stating you have been mentored by me. And, I will be happy to serve as a reference for you. 

Please contact me if you have questions or comments.

Dr. Robert Béla Wilhelm


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