A Pocket Icon of St. Rose of Lima and St. Martin de Porres

Most of my icons are small and designed for the “beautiful place” in the home. But here is one icon that is smaller.  I gave it to my nephew and godson, Brendan Kelly, when he went to Lima, Peru.

Brendan was a volunteer working with children in one of the poor districts of Lima.  Since Lima is home for some of my favorite saints, I created this icon that Brendan could put into his luggage and easily take to Peru.

IMG 0903

St. Rose of Lima and St. Martin de Porres are on the front, and

IMG 0905

a prayer is on the back.  

I forget the exact size.  It was made from a light piece of basswood.

The style is based on my love for the Hispanic art of Northern New Mexico rather than on characteristics of Byzantine Art. It seemed more appropriate for Brendan.

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