Dionysius the Russian's Crucifixion

I recorded this a few years ago:

"Today, on this Good Friday 2011, I finished writing (painting) the Icon of the Crucifixion.  I have made a video as a contemplative reflection on the icon -- my process of taking the original from Dionysius, the Russan Icon painter, and telling the interior story of Good Friday through this image.  The video is 15 minutes.  It was unrehearsed, without a script, and a I made a few minor errors in my presentation.  (Such as identifying today as Good Friday in the year '2012'.)"

But I am not obsessive about getting things perfect.  So here is my very imperfect presentation and my very imperfect icon of Good Friday.

Dionysius Criucifixion

You comments (on both the icon and my reflections) are always welcome. Please email me here.

— Robert Béla Wilhelm

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