Online Retreat with St. Francis of Assisi 

These are the soundfiles from my presentation to the Third-Order Anglican Franciscans in Perth Australia in 2006.  Enjoy the sessions, and contact me if you have any comments.

Franciscan Spirituality

Patch on a Hurting World 

Links to resources of the stories of St. Francis will be posted on the bottom of this page.  These are my favorites and I recommend them to you.

1. Introduction - Images, Feelings, St. Francis & St. Martin of Tours

2. Francis visits Gubbio, the city of St. Ubaldo

3. Telling Sacred Stories with Images & Feelings

4. The Prodigal Son on the Road to Gubbio

5. Francis Meets the Wolf

6. About the Wolf

7. Taking the Story to Heart

8. The Art of Telling

9. Brother John the Simple

10. Dialogue

11. The Knights of Satriano

12. Dreamtime

13. Talk

14. Final Step

15. Saint Claire of Assisi

16. Brother Ruffino

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