David’s Psalms Today — Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah"

Leonard Cohen, 1988 01

Below is the best video on Leonard Cohen singing the full version of his “Hallelujah” written years earlier, and recorded here, in London, late in his life.  

Deep and profound performance as his understanding of his relationship with “The Lord of Songs.” 

His closing phrases:

"I’ve told the truth.

"I didn’t come here to London 

just to fool you. 

"And even though it all went wrong,

I'll stand right here before

The Lord of Song

with nothing on my tongue but






Please share your reflections on this psalm with me.  Thanks! — Bob Wilhelm

I am very fond of two other interpreters of Cohen’s Hallelujah.  They omit his closing phrases, probably because they do not have the same relation to the “Lord of Song”, Yahweh, as Leonard Cohen developed in the final years of his long life.  I still love K.D. Lang and Allison Crowe.  Listen to them...

Please share your reflections on Allison Crowe and K.D. Lang with me.  Thanks! — Bob Wilhelm

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