My Three Favorite Song/Psalms from Leonard Cohen


I first heard Leonard Cohen sing this song  when I was in my youth, living as a hippie in San Francsico in the late 1960’s.  “Suzanne”  was later recorded with Cohen’s explanation of how the rights to it were stolen from him.  And how that theft was a good thing for him.  Listen here:

Joan of Arc 

was a favorite saint in my childhood and adolescence. A powerful woman, perhaps an incarnation of the feminine presence of God — The return of the Shekinah to a world in need of light and fire.  No passive woman here…. and this is my favorite video of “Jeanne d’Arc

If It Be Your Will

Some say thw image of “The Broken Hill” is Golgotha on Good Friday.  More of a prayer than a song…

Please share your reflections on this psalm with me.  Thanks! — Bob Wilhelm

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