My Spiritual Life

It all started on a cold winter’s day in Manhattan, New York City, when my parents brought me to the Church of St. Stephen of Hungary to be baptized. At the baptismal font she handed me over to my Godmother who — unlike my mother — was not a Roman Catholic, but a Greek Catholic.

Looking back over the years (for we always tell our personal stories “backwards”, re-shaping and re-membering them from the present moment we are living in) I realize that gesture would become a powerful image of my life’s journey, my faith journey.

So here I stand today:  one foot in Roman Christianity, one in Greek Christianity, in an American landscape that is spiritually a Protestant and Evangelical Christianity.  More on this later…

When I meet a spiritual pilgrim, I ask not “What do you believe?” but “How do you pray?”  And so I must introduce myself to you by answering my own question:

To Be Continued

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