What is Narrative Visualization?

Hoichi, the legendary blind Japanese storyteller, reminds us that the power of story is in the picture images that both teller and listener see in their “mind’s eye.”  Words are only an instrument — like Hoichi’s stringed musical “biwa” — to help us see inner images that reveal inner truth.

My approach to storytellibg moves through five stages in the storytelling and storylistening process.  It is based on applied research in Biblical studies, folklore, anthropology, depth psychology, and communication studies:

(1) Images leading to 

(2) Emotions leading to 

(3) Interpretations leading to 

(4) Applications leading to 

(5) Appropriation

The first four steps are for listening, and the last step is for telling. 

Narrative visualization is also a specific language, a “Twlight-Talk" that mediates between ordinary Day-Talk and the Night-Talk of dreams. It integrates the differences between day and night talk, and has the characteristics of a sacred language.

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