What is Storytelling Mentoring?

Mentoring happens when two friends walk the same road together, guided by the hidden presence of Another. (Luke 24)

Mentoring is not an academic program. Rather it is a shared journey between Mentor and Mentee that (1) develops skills and techniques, as well as (2) broadens and deepens spiritual vision, in order that the Mentee becomes (3) a prayerful master of a sacred art. 

There is no formal program for Storytelling  Mentoring — no application form, no prerequisites, no classes, no graduation. 

Each Mentee’s journey is unique, and the differences between Mentor and Mentee are more important than their similarities. This is a relationship that tests and challenges both of them to grow both professionally and spiritually.

I learned this long ago as a Catholic whose most important spiritual guides were not other Catholics... but a Seventh-Day Baptist, a Secular Jew, and a Russian Orthodox priest. 

— Robert Béla Wilhelm, Th.D.

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