The Twelve Days of Christmas

These are the 12 "left-over" days of the 365 day calendar:  a transition time of chaos and creation, a time when the work-a-day calendar yields to mirth and revelry. 

Over the next twelve days I’ll be looking at the coming year and my hopes, plans, and even fantasies about the direction of my work as a storyteller, icon painter, and mentor for artists, teachers and counselors.  

Why over the Twelve Days?  Because Christmas is always a hopeful new beginning, because my birthday (this December 28) will be my 73rd.  And, of course, because the New Year is a time for both flights of fancy and serious resolutions. 

What will I explore during these Twelve Days?  Tales of my three favorite cities in the world… New York City, San Francisco, and Cambridge, England.  My icons about Egypt, Libya, and the spiritual struggles in the Middle East.  Tales of the three teachers who shaped my art and my life. My artistic shift from storytelling to painting.  The Twelfth Night tale of “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.”  

So come join me each day ’til Twelfth Night as I explore stories, art, and life. — Bob Wilhelm

© Robert Bela Wilhelm 2018