Stories for My Family

This is a private page that I am reserving for my family — siblings, nieces, nephews, cousins, and in-laws. There are no links to it from any other pages, so you need to ge directly to

Here you can listen to my stories of my extended family in my childhood and adolescent years.  It begins during the 1940s with my early childhood in New York City and goes on to my beginning graduate school in Washington DC when I met Mary Jo Kelly in the 1960s.

These are not printed stories, but soundfiles — “Oral Histories." They are made informally without any editing… just stories as I would tell you in person. And, as in everyday talk, there are small mistakes in my tales — a name, a date, a place gotten wrong as I told the tale. So be it!  They are small, and I have let them be.

Listen and enjoy these tales.  They are from my memory, and are as accurate as I can remember them.  Share them with other family members, if you wish.  And let me know your thoughts about them. The stories are not in any particular order, but the most recent tale will be on the top.

Finally, I am so happy that I have 23 Nieces & Nephews (some of whom are also my Godchildren), 4 additional Godchildren who are neither nieces nor nephews, and many sisters-in-law, brothers-in-law and cousins in America and Europe. 

With Love for Each of You...

Uncle Bob, or Bob, Bobby, Robert, Robi (in Hungarian) or however you call me.

Mrs. Bachrach and the Book of Knowledge (posted July 5, 2016) 21minutes

Introduction for Nieces, Nephews, and other Kin (posted July 5, 2016) 8 minutes

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